Vol 12, No 1

February 2018

List of accepted papers

Table of Contents

Development of Competency Index System for Tutor of Postgraduate Nursing Students
Xu Ying, Lin Nan, Jiang Xiao-Ping
The Obstacles and Strategy of Project Based Learning Implementation In Elementary School
Nyai Cintang, Dewi Liesnoor Setyowati, Sri Sularti Dewanti Handayani
The use of Revision Version of Archiving Interactive Digital Book based on the Curriculum 2013 in Vocational Middle School
Patni Ninghardjanti, C. Dyah Sulistyaningrum Indrawati, Andre N Rahmanto, Chairul Huda Atma Dirgatama
Critical Thinking in Accounting Textbooks
Diana Tien Irafahmi, Dudung Ma'ruf Nuris, Fatmawati Zahroh, Primasa Minerva Nagari
The Influence of Skill Process of Science and Motivation to Students Learn of Creativity
Yoga Budi Bhakti, Irnin Agustina Dwi Astuti
Exploring Students’ Politeness Perspectives at the State University Of Makassar
Murni Mahmud
Development and Validation of Virtual Test Based Multiple Representations to Assess Students’ Decision-Making Competence of Buffer Solution
Nahadi Nahadi, Harry Firman, Hendri Kurniadi
Using Textbook Illustration as Media for Developing Character among Primary Students: Some Research-based Suggestion
Asidigisianti Surya Patria, Siti Mutmainah
The Information Seeking Behavior of Digital Native and Digital Immigrant Students of Bogor Agricultural University
Janti Gristinawati Sujana, Pudji Muljono, Djuara P. Lubis, Sulistyo Basuki
Teacher’s Voice on Metacognitive Strategy Based Instruction Using Audio Visual Aids for Listening
Salasiah Salasiah
Development and Validation of Web-Based Courseware for Junior Secondary School Basic Technology Students in Nigeria
Amosa Isiaka Gambari
The role of school administrations and educational curricula in promoting the intellectual security of students
Abdelrahim Zabadi, Maryam Ahmad, Amanh Dammas
The Communication Strategy Of Japanese Language Learning
Dyah Prasetiani, Lispridona Diner
The Effect of Task Base Language Teaching (TBLT) On Tertiary ESOL Learners’ Academic Writing Achievement
I Wayan Dirgeyasa
Other-Initiated Repair Strategies in Solving Understanding Problems in EFL Learners Conversations
Madar Aleksius and Ali, Saukah Ali
Effective Methods for Teaching English Vocabulary to Saudi Female Students
Amani K Alghamdi, Safa AlAhmed
Educational Entrepreneurship (EE): Delineating and Highlighting Its Domain, Importance and Feasibility in Uganda’s Context
Genza Musoke Gyaviira, Musisi Badru
Physics-Based Scientific Learning Module to Improve Students Motivation and Results
Soni Nugroho Yuliono, Sarwanto Sarwanto, Cari Cari
Development of Research-Based Learning Model in Biology Education: What is Relevance, Concystency and Practicality?
M Haviz
Effect of Improvised and Standard Instructional Materials on Students Achievement in Chemistry in Secondary Schools
Omiko Akani, Oketa I.O.
Evaluation of Game-Based Learning in Cybersecurity Education for High School Students
Ge Jin, Manghui Tu, Tae-Hoon Kim, Justin Heffron, Jonathan White