Vol 16, No 3 (2022)

September 2022

Jurnal Informatika Vol. 16 No. 3 contains 5 articles that were authored/co-authored by 18 authors from 5 countries (Turkey, Pakistan, Morocco, Viet Nam, and Indonesia).

Table of Contents

Computational Intelligence

Covid-19 diagnosis and clinical symptom expression levels in a deep learning model PDF
Minh-Dat Le Chon, Thai-Ngoc Nguyen 109-117
Image processing for maturity classification of tomato using otsu and manhattan distance methods PDF
Anindita Septiarini, Hamdani Hamdani, Muhammad Sofian Sauri, Joan Angelina Widians 118-126
Revisiting the challenges and surveys in text similarity matching and detection methods PDF
Alva Hendi Muhammad, Kusrini Kusrini, Irwan Oyong 127-138
Classification of IGF1R ligand compounds for Identification of herbal extracts using extreme gradient boosting PDF
Mohammad Hamim Zajuli Al Faroby, Siti Amiroch, Bernadus Anggo Seno Aji, Avriono Aritonang 139-150

Information science & technology

CloudIoT paradigm acceptance for e-learning: analysis and future challenges PDF
Arif Ullah, Hanane Aznaoui, Canan Batur Sahin, Ikram Daanoune, Ozlem Batur Dinle 151-165